Joyce Eesley



My love of nature and gardening has influenced my choice of subject matter.  I have been drawn to the complexity of nature, its beauty and the delicate life cycle of all living things.  I consider my realistic portrayals of observed forms in nature a continual process of self-expression and growth.  Studying nature has inspired me to preserve what I see through dedication in capturing minute detail in my artwork.

My creativity is also influenced by the contrast of dark and light used by the Old Masters to create spatial depth and form.  Rembrandt van Rijn is one of my favorite artists whose attention to detail I have long admired and studied.  Clara Peeters, Welhelm Kalf, and Rachel Ruysch artworks have influenced my art making with their attention to detail in their still lifes.
I work in watercolor because of the subtlety of the medium, immediacy of results, endless possibilities, and variations that can be achieved.  I feel challenged by its unpredictable nature and a sense of great accomplishment when I am able to achieve the desired outcome.  For me, art making is a continuous growing process and I feel that I have just scratched the surface.